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PR Automation Ltd

Leading the way in Control System Integration. Our progressive design program delivers value focussed automated solutions to meet our clients every need, let us design YOUR control system.

PR Automation have many years of experience delivering high end automation solutions to meet our clients diverse requirements and budget constraints.

Our system integration expertise is rooted in our project management system, facilitated by a progressive virtual engineering studio and innovative design and validation tools.

We ensure customer satisfaction by employing the best people and the latest technology for a successful delivery, offering you the peace of mind to get on and run your business.


Over a decade of successful automation projects in diverse markets

Supporting Europe's largest mechanical engineering companies with best in class technology solutions

Offering complete turnkey system integration projects or individual specialist controls design and validation services

Virtual Engineering techniques employed including Simulation and Emulation services to reduce cost, time and risk  

Industry leading Project Management standard delivered by a fully trained PM team

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Discover how our solutions can change your business today!
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