Vitual Validation

Virtual Engineering

PR Automation Ltd provide a virtual engineering service to include simulation, emulation and virtual validation for in-house or external clients projects. Simulation provides a cost effective way of validating designs before committing to development and manufacturing promoting design option evaluation and reducing costly re-work.

Our emulation service enables completed design’s to be virtually validated (commissioned) into automatic operation thus making the validation process more efficient and significantly reduces costly and intrusive site time. The emulation service enables the performance and capability of a facility to be determined in a virtual format, PRA encourages it’s clients to then interact with the virtual facility via real world interfaces such as HMI’s to gain the experience of operating the facility even before it is installed making the buy-off and handover process much more effective and inclusive.

  • 3D Simulation
  • Emulation & Virtual Validation
  • User Pre-Installation Virtual Interaction
  • Huge Reduction in Cost, Time & Risk